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Version Release Stats

Total Size: 993KB
LOC(not jQuery): 2746 LOC
Date Finished: 04/25/2011
Projectz Team Members: 1
Help forums accessed: 2^6890 (alot)

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Version Fixes and Features

Projectz Version 2.8.2 brings to the table many new features and fixes that were requested and added after the final release of Version 2.4 and Version 2.6. Below is listed what has been brought to the table for you and your work with Projectz Version 2.8:

  • When a new Projectz version is created, it is created in two steps.
    • First, the initial code is scoured from the previous version. Any repetitive code that can be deleted is deleted and any feature's code that can be done in fewer lines is fixed.
    • This process creates the odd number version (The final shrink of 2.6 would be 2.7).
    • The second step would be addition of the next release version's features.
    • At the end of 2.6 completion, the main javascript running task creation and editing was 1082 lines of code.
    • With the additional features included, 2.8.2's same main javascript is now only 756 lines of code (unminified).
  • Dialog windows are now draggable.
  • Task creation is now in a Wizard format instead of a one window, jumbled form. A due date has been added to that form.
  • Keyboard commands.
  • New scheme for viewing tasks, giving a fuller viewer and also dropping the two columns that were from 2.6. Changes in the interface include:
    • Persistent layout is no longer needed.
    • Changed close icons and added maximize, minimize and arrow icons.
    • A permanent box for "posties" has been added to the bottom for jotting down quick notes.
    • A status bar that appears once major tasks are executed, for reassurance of task execution.

Fixes from Version 2.6 are listed below:

  • Print view fixed.

Create Tasks:

To create a new task in Projectz, go to File in the top left hover over menu and select New or press Ctrl+N.

  • An XML document is created for every task created inside the application.
  • Project names can contain numbers, spaces, and any special characters.
  • Fields denoted with an asterisk are a required field.
  • Adding Attachments

    A new feature of Projectz 2.6 is adding attachments to the tasks you create. Now you can reference a file to go along with the task you are working on.
    When you create a new task you can add an attachment by:
    • Clicking the checkbox to add an attachment
    • Select the file to attach via the browse.
    • Choose a method for reference
      • Copying files moves them to the Projectz folder, therefore if you move Projectz to a different computer, you will keep those files that are referenced
      • Keeping the file in its current location is recommended for larger files, as it will take a long time to copy. This means that the file will stay in its original location.
    • Create the task.
    Files can be attached or be deleted after the creation of the task via the Edit option in the task viewer. Only one attachment can be added per task.


The Task Viewer:

The task viewer gives you controls to manage your tasks and track your laundry list of items to accomplish. Opening the task viewer pane will show you all you need to know about a specific task including adding and editing comments.

  • Each newly generated task gets a new "View" control located in the "Control" column on the main window.
  • You can also open the task viewer by clicking the description field on the main window.
  • You can also open up tasks via the top menu bar under the "View" menu item.
  • Clicking any of these will display the "Task Information" pane, showing the task's properties.
  • Comments can be viewed and added onto via the task viewer.
  • The task viewer also contains the control to edit previously created tasks, so if you mispelled something in the project name or description, there is still hope!

Separate Task Tables:

Tasks are viewed via two tables. Active tasks go in one, archived tasks go in another. By default, the Active table is loaded. To view the tasks that have been archived or switch back simply:

  • Go to the top menu, under "Window", click "Switch List"
  • Use Shift+S
  • Use the arrow, located to the right of the visible table.


Status Bar:

The status bar will appear when any major event occurs, like editing a task, creating a task or deleting anything.



Posties are an extra feature added for 2.8. There are two view modes for this quick note system. The table view is shown while the bottom window is minimized. When maximized the editable "posties" are shown as a classic post-it style note.

Create a new note by simply clicking new note. If you want, you can select between yellow, green, blue and pink as the background color prior to creating the note. To delete a note, click the X at the top and it's gone. To ensure the note saves everytime you edit it, be sure to click outside of the note, this event triggers the note save.


Keyboard Commands:

The following can be used as keyboard commands for Projectz:

  • Shift + S --- Switches between Active and Archive tables
  • Ctrl + N --- Opens the dialog for creating a new task
  • F1 --- Opens up this help file


Dates and Times:

Dates and times and their specific update particulars are explained via the following:

  • Creation Dates...
    • Are set every time a file is created
    • Does not change unless the task deleted or changed within the actual XML file.
  • Archive Dates...
    • Are empty until archived
    • Changes every time the task is made active and re-archived*
  • Due Dates...
    • Are added when selected either from a new task creation or after creation when editing.
  • Comment dates are added every time a new comment is added.

Adding Comments

Comments can be added to caveat a created task. This feature helps in tracking the minor details of a project.

  • Comments can be accessed via the task viewer by clicking on the "View" control in a task's "Control" column
  • The top bar will contain a control to "Add Comments"
  • Upon clicking this, a new pane will appear with a textbox for updating the comments.
  • Entering nothing in this box will default your comments box to read "No Comments" or if there are comments already inserted, the form will do nothing.
  • Once your comments are complete, click "Add" and your comments will be updated
  • Comments can be deleted and edited!
    • To edit a comment, simply click in the bolded text of your comment and start typing.
    • A save icon will appear
    • Click this save icon and your edited comment will be saved.
    • To change to a new paragraph in a previously created comment, hit enter.
    • To only do a one line break in a previously created comment, hit shift+enter.

Editing Created Tasks

Created tasks can now be edited. So just in case you spelled a word wrong, or a project name changed, you can edit without having to create a new task.

  • Editing a task can be accessed via the task viewer by clicking on the "View" control in a task's "Control" column
  • The top bar will contain a control to "Edit Task"
  • All the current information of the task will be inside of the inputs except for priority.
  • Update your items as you see fit (remember to select a priority) and finish editing by clicking "Edit Task"
  • Your edited task will appear in the main window as will it be changed in the task viewer still holding all previous comments.
  • The actual XML FILE NAME created for the task will not change. It will remain the same as it was previously.
  • Don't worry! You can add attachments after you have created a task by using the edit task option.

Archiving a Task:

Archiving a task simply means that this task is completed and you are keeping it for back reference of the tasks completion. Upon every archive, the archive date will be updated to reflect the change so if the task had been previously archived and made active again, once archived the date will change, unlike the creation date which always remains the same from it's creation.


Deleting a Task:

Selecting the option to delete a task actually DELETES the task. However, you can still recover if you accidentally click "Delete" by selecting "Cancel" on the popup confirmation.

  • Warning: Deleting a task within Projectz is permanent. It cannot be recovered from the Recycle Bin.

Printer Friendly View:

These can be accessed via the "View" menu item in the top menu bar. This view gives an easy way for previewing a task in a format better for printing. If you have a long list of items or you need to make handouts, use this view to print the task.


Known Issues:

2.8 fixes are now being looked at. Please send in suggestions. The following are known issues with either the code or the interface that will be fixed (or at least attempted to be fixed) in later versions or there is no way to fix them at all:

Issue Ver. w/ Issue Status
Bulky code created from features in 2.6 2.6 2.8 has drastically slimmed down code while still boosting usability.
Can only add 1 attachment per task 2.6/2.8 3.0 is coming.
Cannot edit/delete comments 2.4 Can now delete and edit comments! Fixed in version 2.6
Printing all tasks as one sheet requested 2.4 Fixed in version 2.6.
Needs debugging mode 2.4 Rewrite main script with debugging lines
Bulky code 2.2 Slimmed code down in 2.4 and in 2.6.
Commenting tasks for better tracking 2 Fixed in version 2.2
Cannot edit created tasks (only if XML file is edited) 2 Fixed in version 2.2
Special characters in project name create error 2 Fixed in version 2.2
Only runs in Windows with ActiveX Enabled All Cannot be mitigated in this coding style
New project form always visible 1 Fixed in version 2
Controls for Archive, Edit, and Delete are inoperable anchor tags 1 Fixed Archive and Delete controls
No in-app help file link 1 Fixed in version 2



For suggestions, compliments, complaints, or anything else relating to Projectz, use the form below.